Aquamira Water Treatment

When you are trekking, camping or out in the wild you may find it difficult to access clean and pure drinking water. With majority of health problems arising due to water contaminations it is best to safeguard yourself against them. Camouflage aquamira water treatment is specifically recommended to those who are on constant camping trips.

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Specialties of Different Aquamira Water Filter:

Aqua pure filters are available in different sizes and known to offer you with healthy and great-tasting water to drink.

Water Purifier Tablets 12 Pack:
Aquamira tablets contain unique chlorine dioxide. They are known to produce strong germicidal agent from the moment they are released in the water. These tablets are one of the safest solutions available in the market that you can use for water purification. It meets the strict guidelines laid down by the Microbiological Water Purifiers. Each of the tablets comes in child resistant foil and has the capacity to purify one liter water.

Aquamira frontier pro:
This compact filter can easily slip into your day pack, travel luggage or shirt pocket. You can use this filter to drink water from any cup, bottle, or even from the water sources.

Aquamira water treatment drops:
These drops are ideal for long trips and especially when you are in big groups. The liquid drops have the ability to treat water up to 30 gallons. It is the most useful and safest way to treat water. Plus you can use this treatment as a preservation method for your stored drinking water. The best part of this treatment drops is that your water color does not change

Capsule Bottle and Filter:
This portable water filter will offer you all the advantages of larger filtered water in a compact way. It has a special antimicrobial technology that suppresses any growth of algae, bacteria, mold, fungus, mildew etc inside the bottle filter.