ASP Duo Scabbard

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Brand: ASP

The Duo Scabbard is an elegantly simple and effective way to securely carry an ASP Agent or Protector Concealable Baton and a Tungsten Flashlight. The low profile of the scabbard and its contents makes it perfect for detectives, plainclothes officers, off-duty carry or any situation where discretion and concealment are required—without compromising fast access to the equipment.

This “soft-sided” yet tough, ballistic weave scabbard features our exclusive Snap-Loc belt loop, which attaches anywhere on the belt without having to thread or unthread other cases or gear. The belt loop features an indexed slide track and bar that adjusts to fit all common duty belt and dress belt widths, or MOLLE gear.


  • A variety of belt sizes
  • Holds a Tungsten light and Concealable baton
  • Allows rapid presentation

Compatible baton: ASP52260, ASP52221


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