Camo Belgium Flectar Paratrooper Rucksack

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This is a an excellent pack and also kind of interesting, historically. For a brief period the Belgian military decided to issue flecktarn camo gear to soldiers. The public didn't like seeing their troops in "German" camo, so that was soon corrected. These packs are in used/excellent condition. Yours may have a dusty rub mark here or there or a scratch or scuff on the buckle on the belly strap. It is also possible that you may find some kind of personalization or other "proof of authenticity." They are in excellent condition and made of heavy duty canvas. It is good to last many, many years on the trail. Take a look at the pics to get an idea of the features. There are more than I care to type out right now. Chief among them are zippers that allow you to access the main pack compartment from the middle and bottom, so you don't have to get at everything from top to bottom all the time.


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