Condor Tactical

6 Inch Zip Tactical Boots

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A moment is all it takes to put on the Condor Mid-Top Combat Boots. Simply undo the side-zipper, slide your feet in, and zip up. The elastic laces conform to feet comfortably, meaning that there is no more time spent tying and retying laces. These tactical boots are made with genuine leather and feature AQUASHIELD waterproof technology. Perfect footwear for law enforcement, airsoft players, and everyday activities.

SpecificationBlack, Size 7Black, Size 7.5Black, Size 8Black, Size 8.5Black, Size 9Black, Size 9.5Black, Size 10Black, Size 10.5Black, Size 11Black, Size 12Black, Size 13
Size:Size 7Size 7.5Size 8Size 8.5Size 9Size 9.5Size 10Size 10.5Size 11Size 12Size 13

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