CRKT KISS 2 Timer pocket Folding Knife

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One day Ed Van Hoy was looking at a CRKT Original K.I.S.S.® knife designed by Ed Halligan. A light came on in his head. He saw a cool way to add a second blade, and sent a handmade sample knife to us. Because both Eds are successful custom knife designers for CRKT, we did the gentlemanly thing, called Ed Halligan, and got the two of them together. It's a tribute to Ed Halligan that as the designer of the original, and most successful and copied two-piece knife ever, he was willing to collaborate to make his brainchild even more sophisticated. Soon the K.I.S.S.® Two-Timer™ was born. There was much work to be done. The Eds had to design a detent mechanism that would allow both the large blade and small blade to open and lock independently. The result is a unique frame lock folder with two blades. The 2.375" large blade is Tanto-inspired with a Chisel-Point grind on the front and flat on the backside—so that when the blade is closed onto its handle/frame, the precision fit effectively "seals" the cutting edge to the frame. The small 2.125" drop point pen knife blade folds perfectly into a CNC-machined relief in the larger blade. We asked the Eds to incorporate the patented* LAWKS® safety on the larger blade. When the LAWKS lever is pushed forward with a flick of the thumb, the knife becomes a virtual fixed blade, and the frame lock is virtually impossible to release by the most vigorous use until the LAWKS lever is retracted.

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