Sheath For Birler Axe

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The leather on this sheath is full-grained leather that is heavy duty and hand crafted in Oregon, USA. The leather is vegetable tanned and will not corrode metal. It has a hand oiled finish for durability and the seams are locked stitched with heavy weight nylon thread. The sheath protects the axe head and fits snugly and securely with two snaps. The belt loop fits belts with widths up to 1 ¾ inches.

The sheath only fits the Birler Axe, not the Woods T-Hawk models.

Full-Grained Leather
Hand Crafted in Oregon, USA
Fits the CRKT Birlerâ„¢ Axe (2745)
Sheath Material: Leather; brown

Sheath Material:Leather
Blade Style:Axe

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