Daisy 617X Dual Ammo CO2 Trapped Blister Pistol

Availability: Item is Discontinued
Daisy's PowerLine Model 617X features a truly unique rotary clip capable of holding six .177 (4.5mm) pellets or six BBs. Six shots can be fired from this CO2 powered semi-automatic as fast as the trigger can be pulled. The rapid fire fun makes it the perfect target training gun for any application. The maximum shooting distance of the 617X is 280 yards with a maximum muzzle velocity of 485fps from a rifled steel barrel. Featuring a fiber optic front sight, this handsome pistol will keep you on target every time. Daisy's PowerLine Model 617X pistol is appropriate for adults and those ages 16 and older with adult supervision.


Gun Caliber:4.5 mm (.177 cal)
Ammo Type:Steel BB
Gun Action:Semi-Automatic
Power Source:Co2
Barrel Length:4 Inch
Gun Blowback:Non-Blowback
Trigger Action:Double

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