Desert Dry Deodorant - Unscented

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The Desert Dry Unscented Deodorant (Product Code: UF8276) is an unscented deodorant that is highly effective in the most humid and sweaty conditions. The deodorant comes in the form of a clear solid stick that can be easily applied when required. The best thing about this deodorant is that it does not leave any residue behind so you can stop worrying about ugly stains on your shirt. The odor protection of this deodorant lasts for 24 hours giving you complete protection for an entire day. The deodorant is made from several ingredients including sodium chloride, triethanolamine, stearate-20, sodium stearate, water and propylene glycol.


Net Weight 3 Oz
Clear Solid Stick, Will Not Leave Any White Residue
Odor Protection That Lasts 24 Hours
3 Year Shelf Life
Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Water, Sodium Stearate, Stearate-20, Triethanolamine & Sodium Chloride


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