Drozd Mock Suppressor Kit

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Brand: Drozd
This 15 inch barrel and mock suppressor kit is a must have upgrade for both the original Drozd BB gun and the new Drozd Blackbird. With far superior quality than the mock suppressor that comes with the Blackbird this barrel adds both power and style to these already awesome guns. This aftermarket Drozd barrel increases your velocity by over 100 FPS (feet per second) with standard CO2 and even more if you use HPA when compared to the factory barrel. These barrels are made of fully hardened heat treated steel that is hot blued for corrosion resistance just like a real gun and the extra rigid rifling will not wear when shooting full auto with steel BB's. The mock suppressor does not actually silence these guns. It is for looks only, and it does look good. The mock suppressor itself is made of aircraft grade aluminum and is bead blasted then anodized black to give it a tactical finish that matches the gun. Performance and craftsmanship combine to make this a must have.


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