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German Tropical Camo Used Field Shirt

Availability: Item is Discontinued

Used, current issue Bundeswehr Tropical Field Shirt. Tropical camouflage shirt features 2 breast pockets, left sleeve pocket, ventilation openings under the arms. Made of medium-fine tropical flectarn twill material (65% cotton 35% polyester and/or 80% cotton 20% polyester depending upon manufacturer). Currently issued to German soldiers. In used condition.

SpecificationMulti-Colour, Chest 34Multi-Colour, Chest 36Multi-Colour, Chest 38Multi-Colour, Chest 40Multi-Colour, Chest 42Multi-Colour, Chest 44Multi-Colour, Chest 46Multi-Colour, Chest 48
Size:Chest 34Chest 36Chest 38Chest 40Chest 42Chest 44Chest 46Chest 48

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