Gletcher 4.5 mm Full Metal CO2 Revolver

Availability: Item is Discontinued
Brand: Gletcher
Shooting the Gletcher SW R25 CO2 Pellet Pistol at a target from 30 feet at a semi-rested position results in a 1 to 1.5 inch grouping just to the top left of the target. The sights are adjustable for elevation and windage. Velocity wise, the Gletcher SW R25 CO2 Pellet Revolver shot pretty hard considering I was using 7 grain lead pellets (as compared to 5.1 grain steel BB's) and this was the shortest barreled version at 2.5 inches. The Gletcher SW R25 averaged a 337 fps 6 shot velocity with its highest fps shot of 351.


Gun Caliber:4.5 mm (.177 cal)
Ammo Type:Pellet
Gun Action:Semi-Automatic
FPS:300 to 350
Power Source:Co2
Barrel Length:20.3 cm (8 inch)
Gun Blowback:Non-Blowback
Trigger Action:Double

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