Heavyweight Canvas Shoulder Bag

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The 24 inch Canvas Shoulder Bag from is one of the most useful carry bags as it is easy to carry. It has good strength and has many uses. This canvas carry bag is made from 100% canvas material and has a dimension of 24 x 12 inches. This cylindrical shape bag with a zipper on top is a rugged and sturdy bag and is used in army to carry heavy items. This heavy weight bag from is made from canvas. It has the ability to resist moisture and mold and provides a longer life to the bag.  The shoulder strap is an adjustable one and can be adjusted according to the usage.


Material Specs: unwashed canvas
No. In Master Carton: 12
Dimensions: 24 inches X 12 inches
Material: Cotton
Closures And Fasteners: Zipper
Components: Detachable and Adjustable Shoulder Strap
Product Origin: IND
Length: 24 Inches


Colour:BlackOlive DrabBrownWoodland

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