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Rebel Flag Patch

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The Rebel Flag Patch is a trendy and colorful patch that can really add a great amount of appeal to any outfit. The Rebel Flag Patch can be easily sown on to any outfit. In fact, this patch can also be ironed on to an outfit if requirement demands. The patch featuring intricate embroidery has a red background with golden borders along with a blue X that contains 13 stars. The Confederate military flag patch has dimensions of 2 X 3 inches and fits perfectly as a chest emblem or insignia on any coat or shirt. However, the use of this patch can be extended to other clothing and accessories as well.


Ron on/sew on military embroidered patch.
Flag contains red background, gold borders, 13 stars and a blue X. Confederate Flag Patch.
Military patch. Rebel confederate flag patch.
Dimensions: 2" x 3" (inches).


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