RWS Meisterkugeln Pellets .22 Caliber Airgun Ammunition

Availability: Item is Discontinued
Brand: RWS

For decades RWS Meisterkugeln ("Master Target") pellets have been part of every ambitious air gun shooter's equipment. Significant improvements in airgun ammo production technology have led to yet another enhancement in quality. New material compositioins and optimized surface treatement have created a permanently bright and shiny appearance. The production of accurate dimension and weight of each RWS pellet is subject to continuous checks. Remarkably accurate.


.22 caliber
14.0 grains
Match grade acuracy
Perfect for sighting-in and general target shooting
Precision for competition and training
High performance finish
RWS Professional Line
250 count tin


Gun Caliber:5.5 mm (.22 cal)
Ammo Type:Pellet

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