Shikoto Hammer-Forged Longquan Master Nodachi Sword

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When you hold a Shikoto Hammer-Forged Longquan Master sword in your hand, you are holding the same weapon a warrior used more than 2,500 years ago. Using methods used by Bronze Age swordsmiths, the 49 3/8” 1060 high carbon steel blade has been hammer-forged and clay tempered to produce a visible hamon line. Differential hardening gives this magnificent sword a harder cutting edge and a softer spine, which is the hallmark of a high-quality weapon. The tsuba and handle fittings are of solid iron and the wooden handle has traditional cord wrapping over genuine, tea-dyed rayskin. A black lacquered and polished wooden scabbard with cord-wrapping houses the blade. Also included with the Shikoto Longquan Master Nodachi Sword is a certificate of authenticity with forging specifications, signed by the master swordsmith who crafted the blade.


Sheath Material:Wood Scabbard
Steel:High Carbon Steel

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