Silva Polaris 177 Compass

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If you are an outdoor person and cannot do without a feature-rich compass as a companion, the Silva Polaris Type 7 Compass is just what you need. With a clear base plate as well as millimeter and 1:24 scales, you can be rest assured that the compass will provide you with the most accurate readings irrespective of where you choose to venture. The set bearings, large numerals and two graduation lines ensure that anyone with even the most basic understanding of compasses can use this one with ease. The compass has a declination correction scale which makes it possible to make quick adjustments on the go.


If you’ve been looking for a compass that’ll give you excellent value and superior accuracy, your search is over
The polaris model 177 compass has everything you need to help you find your way
It has 2° graduation lines as well as large numerals at every 20° mark, and its clear base plate with inch, mm & 1:24,000 scales, makes it easy to read a map, set bearings, and plan a trip. Our declination correction scale allows you to make quick adjustments of map bearings to field headings
2" x 4"
1.0 oz


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