Spyderco Lum Large Chinese Black G-10 Plain Edge Folding Knife

Availability: Item is Discontinued

Custom Knifemaker Bob Lum has done something no other knifemaker has done. He created a genesis fusing the ancient essence and design of a traditional Chinese fixed blade with features found in modern folding knives. This results in a knife with great historical beauty and modern cutting performance and manufacturing impeccability.

The large Chinese folder has a flat-ground VG-10 blade with a spine swedge and a PlainEdge cutting conformation. The black peel-ply G-10 handle incorporates a Walker LinerLock and screw together construction for adjustment and cleaning. Phosphor bronze washers circling the blade's pivot, ensure smooth open/close action. A four-way tip-up/tip-down, left/right hand pocket clip settles the folder deeply in a pocket where it rides ready for use with great style. Bob Lum's Chinese Folder takes ancient knifemaking tradition to a higher level in sophistication and ergonomic usability.


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