Storm Safety Yellow Whistle

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This Ultra Force Strom Safety Yellow Whistle has saved several lives with its piercing sound that can be heard underwater. This whistle is used by scuba divers, many safety agencies, and law enforcement personnel to caution the people to move to safety. This whistle can be heard over half a mile on land and also up to about 50 feet underwater. This is one of the loudest mouth-blown whistles that is being used in the world. These whistles have been tested in various circumstances and the results show that the decibel it produces is much higher than the regular whistles. It is used by Navy to warn those people in the yachts and boats that sail in the sea to be safe.


Loudest Whistle On The Market
Can Be Heard Through Walls, Through Glass And Through Water
Can Be Heard Over A 1/4 Of A Mile Through Trees And Over A 1/2 Mile Over Water
Decibel Reading Varies Between 118 And 120 Db
Unique Patented Design Allows It To Be Heard Under Water, Up To 50 Feet, Because The Sounding Chamber Forces All Water To Be Purged When The Whistle Is Blown
It's Perfect For Divers, Lifeguards, And For Recreation
Creates A Clear, High Frequency Sound, With A Power Rating Over 75% Greater Than Other Referee And Safety Whistles



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