Targets Pack - 50pcs

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Shooting target is an absolute goal when it comes to marksmanship training.  Designed to help you shoot with perfection, theses excellent half-sized body/reactive targets will serve as a great training aid to help you nail down great accuracy in absolutely no time.  The splatter ones make it easy to see single hits at up to 50 yards without optics, sparing you the need to walk downrange.


  • Perfect for Archery, Firearms, Paintballs, Throwing Knives, Slingshots, Nerf or anything other target Sports
  • Can be safely used both indoors and outdoors
  • Splatter targets make it easy to see your shots at a distance
  • 10ct -- 12x18 Silhouette Reactive/Splatter Targets
  • 10ct -- 12x18 Silhouette Paper Targets
  • 10ct -- 12v12 Reactive/Splatter Targets
  • 10ct -- 8x8 Reactive/Splatter Targets
  • 10ct -- 6x6 Reactive/Splatter Targets


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