Whale Rescue H-1 Steel 11 Inch Blade Fixed Knife

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One of the tragic effects of commercial fishing efforts is the entanglement of whales in fishing nets and related rigging. As the entangled whales struggle to break free, the lines and nets are pulled taut, often resulting in serious injury and sometimes death. Fortunately, there are a number of wildlife conservation groups that specialize in rescuing these magnificent animals, but until a few years ago, their efforts were hampered because they did not have the proper tools for the job.

Because of its unique purpose, the Whale Rescue Blade had traditionally been an extremely limited item offered only to wildlife conservation organizations. However, based largely on interest from military special operations units, in 2012 Spyderco decided to increase production and make it commercially available. The commercial version retains all the salient qualities of the original, but with the added benefit of being made from H-1 steel. H-1 is a unique nitrogen-based austenitic steel that is completely impervious to rust, and therefore the ultimate material for this one-of-a-kind blade.

The Whale Rescue Blade is made from H-1 rust free steel. It features a long, sweeping hawkbill profile with a blunt, rounded tip. This allows the blade to be gently maneuvered under tangled lines without endangering the whale. Once in place, the combination of its fully-serrated SpyderEdge and the strategic curve of the blade’s profile creates a tremendously powerful cutting action that easily severs even thick, water-soaked lines with minimal effort.


Overall Length: 11" (279mm)
Blade Length: 11" (279mm)
Steel: H-1
Edge Length: 8.46" (215mm)
Weight: 5.07oz. (162g)
Blade Thickness: 0.157" (4mm)
Grind: Hollow

Blade Finish:Satin
Knife Edge:Serrated Edge
Mechanism:Fixed Blade
Blade Length:11 inch
Blade Thickness:0.157"

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