ZAP Cane Walking Stick Taser

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The ZAP Cane is a tactical walking stick with several self-defense secrets. The bottom length of the shaft is equipped with shocking electrodes, which when activated, acts as a taser. Even a glancing blow to a criminal or rabid dog can deliver a paralyzing 1-million-volt shock. The handle of the cane also houses a powerful 30 lumens tactical flashlight that can blind attackers or illuminate a dark alleyway. Both units are powered by an integrated Ni-MH battery that’s rechargeable using the included wall charger. The package also includes a nylon carrying case for safe and convenient transport.


  • Length: 81 cm (32 in)91 cm (36 in)
  • Weight Capacity: 113 kg (250 lb)
  • Flashlight Beam Output: 30 lumens
  • Battery Type: Ni-MH

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