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Army Combat Uniform (A.C.U.) - Top

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Ultra Force A.C.U. Digital Camouflage Shirt Propper Mens Desert Digital Battle Rip ACU Coat Propper Mens Multicam Battle Rip ACU Coat
Propper Mens Woodland Digital Battle Rip ACU Coat Propper Multicam Flame Resistant ACU Coat Propper Mens Subdued Urban Digital Battle Rip ACU Coat
Propper ACU Coat
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Propper Mens Multicam ACU Coat Propper Mens A-TACS LE Camo ACU Coat Propper Mens A-TACS AU Camo ACU Coat
Propper Mens A-TACS FG Camo ACU Coat

ACU Camouflage Uniforms in Refined Blends

The emergence of combat clothing has greatly enhanced comfort and flexibility for military officers in terms of uniforms. Over the past decade, there has been a significant change in the design and style of combat clothing. Now, ACU uniforms are offered with better blending properties and revised, effective camouflage patterns.

ACU Army Uniform Tops In Attractive Digital Patterns

In keeping with the currently used combat uniform by the American army, Ultra Force offers a range of digital print, army combat uniform tops. Made of long lasting, sturdy material, this range of combat clothing is an apt replacement for the older DCU or Desert Camouflage Uniforms and BDU or Battle Dress Uniforms. Some of the prominent features of this uniform top include the glare preventing Near Infrared Signature Management Technology and loop and hook fasteners for attachments on pockets. These tops as part of the ACU uniform that are specially created to work seamlessly with load carrying operations. Fitting perfectly with the Outer Tactical Vest body armor, these shirts are ideal for today's military personnel.

Feature-Loaded ACU Army Uniforms

This uniform top is an improved version of the DCU and BDU used predominantly during the 1980s and 1990s. As compared to its predecessors, the ACU uniform top features different camouflage design and various other design changes. The current industrial infrastructure that resulted in the production of BDU which is now obsolete is the base on which the ACU materials are manufactured. Prominent features of the ACU army uniform top is that it is made up of a combination of 45% polyester rip-stop and 55% cotton fabric and include the mandarin collar, pen pockets, pleated back, flap-closed zipper front, pad pouches for the elbow, two chest pockets and shoulder pockets, branch and name tape holder, rank insignia holder and loop and hook cuffs. These uniform tops are also used by civilians at the fancy dress and Halloween fun parties.