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Pepper Spray  for Sale at Camouflage

Pepper spray is specifically designed as a tool of self defense  against external threats. This spray has been popular for quite some years now and  is widely regarded as one of the most effective defenses against wild animals  and intruders. offers  an array of pepper sprays that users can easily choose from. The products that  we offer include brands like Bodyguard and Ultra Force.

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Bodyguard 20g Pepper Spray Bodyguard 20 g Slim Flip Top Dog Spray - Pink 50g Bodyguard Flip Top Pepper Spray
Bodyguard 20g Pepper Spray Keyring Bodyguard 20 g Slim Flip Top Dog Spray - Black Bodyguard 20g Pepper Spray Double Keyring
Ultra Force Enhanced Molded Pepper Spray Holder Ultra Force Short Police Pepper Spray Holder

Camouflage.Ca Offers the Best Pepper Spray

The pepper spray that offers can be an effective weapon against intruders and wild animals. Whether you are on a camping holiday in the wilderness or have to return home late from work through dark alleys, this pepper spray is a reliable tool for self defense. The high quality Capsaicin makes the core product of the black bear pepper spray.

Features of a Good Pepper Spray:

  • The spray is strong enough to act as a deterrent against intruders.
  • It is strong enough to put the intruder in jeopardy for a few minutes but not strong enough to inflict permanent damage.
  • As it does not inflict permanent damage, it can be used without the fear of inadvertently committing a crime.
  • The spray bottle is easy to grip and so does not slip off even if you have to whip it out in a panic situation.
  • Made from the best quality chemicals, this spray works on the subject for a relatively longer time, thus giving the victim that vital time to escape or to retaliate.

Buy Bear Pepper Spray Online Today

We offer a range of pepper sprays that you can choose from. The products that we offer include Bodyguard 20g Pepper Spray, Body Guard 20g Pepper Spray Keyring With Clip, Bodyguard 20g Black Case-Flip Top Pepper Spray, Ultra Force Enhanced Police Pepper Spray Holder, 50g Bodyguard Flip Top Pepper Spray and other products. You can also get FREE delivery on orders above $99.