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Paintball CO2 Tanks from Camouflage

Camouflage gives you a wide choice  in portable CO2 cans/canisters/tanks for refilling your gun. These tanks are  easy to carry, and meet all the statutory requirements about environment and  safety. Easy to operate, they are a must-have for any BB gun user, for an  uninterrupted and easy access to your equipments.

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Tippmann 12T-R 12oz. CO2 Tank Tippmann 20oz CO2 Tank
Tippmann 20oz CO2 Tank
Our Price: $24.95
Tippmann 9oz CO2 Tank Tippmann Deluxe Co2 Fill Station Tippmann Special Forces 12 Gram 12 Count Co2 Cartridges
Tippmann 9oz CO2 Tank
Our Price: $24.95
Guerrilla Air 9oz Co2 Tank

Many guns depend on a refill of  co2, for which a portable tank or can is a handy accessory. This saves you the  time and effort of making a trip to a gun store for a refill. Also, because the  gas may get over without much of a warning, you want to be prepared with a co2 cylinder, so that the next shot is  not delayed.

Camouflage  as a supplier:Camouflage  is a reliable supplier of co2 canister and tanks. They meet or exceed the standards set by ASTM, and come with a butt  plate. Depending on your requirement, you can choose from a variety of sizes  and quantities, all of which meet the safety requirements.

Easy to  carry, store, and operate: Since  you may have to be on the field for a longer period of time, we have made sure  that these tanks are easy to carry. Further, it is easy to store and use them,  for which the instructions are given.

Refillable: Apart from being convenient, these co2 tanks are refillable as well. This means you do not have to  spend money for a new can every time you run out of co2. Furthermore, this is  an environment friendly measure, as you recycle the tank.

Meeting  the customers' expectations: Being in the  trade of supplying shooting materials for a long time, Camouflage understands  customers' requirements and expectations, our commitment makes us come up with  the latest products, all of which are available at an affordable cost,  Therefore, you do not have to opt for cheap  co2 tanks.