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Samurai swords have been used as the chief combat weapon  in many parts of Asia for centuries. These swords are known for their sleek  design, extreme sharpness and high durability. offers the best  products that include brands like Cold Steel and Ultra Force. At our samurai swords store buyers can get  quality products at an affordable price.

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Cold Steel Katana Warrior Series Japanese Sword - 88BKW Dragonfly Katana O Tanto (Imperial Series)
Wakazashi (Imperial Series) Tenryu Tr-013 Handforged 41.5 Inch Samurai Sword Tenryu Tr-008 Handforged 41.5 Inch Black Samurai Sword
Dragonfly Wakazashi Tenryu Tr-002 Handforged 40.5 Inch Samurai Sword Tenryu Tr-003 Handforged 40.5 Inch Black Samurai Sword
Tenryu Tr-011 Handforged 40.5 Inch Black Samurai Sword Tenryu Tr-017bd Handforged Forged Blade Samurai Sword Tenryu Tr-018bk Handforged Black Lacquer Samurai Sword
Tenryu Tr-019bg Handforged Burgundy Samurai Sword Tenryu Tr-020bk Handforged Black Samurai Sword Tenryu Tr-021mb Handforged Steel Samurai Sword
Tenryu Tr-3048 Handforged Iron Samurai Sword Honshu Boshin Tactical Wakizashi Sword Chesa Katana (Warrior Series)
Dragonfly O Tanto Nodachi (Warrior Series) O Katana (Warrior Series)
O Tanto (Warrior Series) Wakazashi (Warrior Series) Tenryu Tr-004 Handforged 40.5 Inch Overall Samurai Sword
Tenryu Tr-007 Handforged 41.5 Inch Samurai Sword Tenryu Handforged Black Lacquer Finish Samurai Sword Tenryu Tr-014bk Handforged Steel Blade Samurai Sword
Tenryu Tr-014mr Handforged Damascus Samurai Sword Tenryu Tr-018br Handforged Black Samurai Sword Tenryu Handforged Leather Wraped Samurai Sword

Camouflage.Ca Offers Cheap Samurai Swords offers the most comprehensive collection of Samurai knives and swords. These products are manufactured from the best quality materials in the market and hence are able to deliver the best in class performance. These swords are perfect for recreational as well as defensive purpose. Users can buy swords from a large number of options that has to offer. The samurai sword that we offer is a perfect blend of beauty and utility.

Features of a good samurai sword:

  • A samurai sword is manufactured from high quality stainless steel which means they can perform impeccably under various circumstances.
  • The steel blade is corrosion resistant and hence lasts for a long time
  • The sleek and slim design grabs the attention on the very first go
  • Extremely sharp edges help them slice through almost anything at ease
  • Comfortable handle for a better grip on the sword
  • The simple yet attractive design makes it a perfect choice for all

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Be it for a defensive or training purpose, the swords that offers are the best choice. Our products include Cold Steel Talwar, Ultra Force Samurai II Skeletal Handle Hunter Lock back, Ultra Force Samurai III Chrome Skeletal Handle Double Edge Lock back, Cold Steel Jade Lion Dagger -88RLD and many more. Users can have a unique shopping experience while purchasing products from us as we offer FREE shipping facility for orders above $99.