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Quality Scabbards for Sale from Camouflage.Ca offers quality and affordable knife sheaths to our customers. These products provide an attractive as well as a reliable cover for knife blades, axes and swords. We offer products of well known brands like Cold Steel, United Cutlery, Smith and Wesson on sale at the most affordable price in the market.

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Cold Steel Trail Hawk Sheath Cold Steel Frontier Hawk Sheath Cold Steel SC97AM18 Cold Steel Latin Machete 18" Sheath
Cold Steel Norse hawk sheath Cold Steel Pipe Hawk Sheath Cold Steel Rifleman Sheath
Panga Machete Sheath Cold Steel SC80TBBA Cold Steel Perfect Balance Sheath Only Heavy Machete Sheath
Bolo Machete Sheath Cold Steel SC97AM21 Cold Steel Latin Machete 21"  Sheath Only Cold Steel Two Handed Machete Sheath with Shoulder Strap
Delta Dart Neck Sheath Cold Steel SC97THKM Cold Steel Two Handed Kukri Machete Sheath Cold Steel SC80TBD Cold Steel Pro Balance Sheath Only
Special Forces Shovel Sheath Cold Steel SL90SH Cold Steel Spike Hawk Sheath Only Cold Steel Machete Sheath Knife
Schrade Leather Medium Brown Sheath
Ka-Bar 3-3052S-0 Polyester Sheath Desert Tan Fits Mule Folders Ka-Bar 3-5011S-5 Foliage Green Large Hard Sheath Ka-Bar 3-1220S-5 Army Logo Brown Leather Sheath
Ka-Bar 3-3050S-6 Polyester Sheath Black Fits Mule Folders Cold Steel SC97THPM Cold Steel Two Handed Panga Machete Sheath Ka-Bar 1-1217I-1 Plain Brown Leather Sheath
Ka-Bar 2-5016-3 Small Hard Black Sheath Ka-Bar Usmc Logo Brown Fits Leather Sheath Ultra Force 12" Canvas Machete Sheath

Custom Knife Sheaths Now Available Online

The sheaths that offers are designed according to international standard. The custom knife sheath that offers is manufactured from the best quality material available in the market at present. These sheaths are able to cover the blade completely and prevent it from being exposed to dust and moisture when not in use. It also helps prevent accidents by covering the sharp blades of knife and swords.


  • The sheaths are manufactured from the best nylon material available in the market
  • Provide full protection to the blade from dust and moisture
  • These sheaths are durable and last for a long time without much maintenance, thus making the product even more cost efficient
  • Cover the entire part of the blade in order to prevent accidental cuts
  • Matching design with the knife, sword and axe makes the entire set look attractive
  • Quality at an affordable price

Buy Knife Scabbard Online Now offers different types of sheaths at an affordable price and you can have a unique shopping experience with us. We offer products that include Cold Steel Latin Machete 18 Inch Sheath Fixed Blade Knife- SC97AM18, Cold Steel Trail Hawk Sheath, Cold Steel Norse hawk sheath, Cold Steel Heavy Machete Sheath SC97HM, United Cutlery Soa Survival Explosion Knife With Sheath, Cold Steel Two Handed Machete Sheath with Shoulder Strap, Ontario BSH 22 Inch Black Sheath, Ka-Bar 2-1216-1 Large Hard Black Sheath, Smith And Wesson H R T Boot Fixed Blade Knife and others. Just place an order above $99 and we will ship your product ABSOLUTELY FREE.