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Real Swords from Camouflage.Ca

Swords have been used for centuries mainly as combat  weapons. Their sharp blades and designed grip give them a unique look  altogether. At users can find different types of swords and hence can easily make a choice as per their preference. The products that we offer are  manufacture by reputed brands like Cold Steel, United Cutlery and Condor.

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Cold Steel 21 Inch Polypropylene Wakazashi Bokken Sword Cold Steel 44 Inch O Bokken Swords Martial Arts Fighting Sword Set
Cold Steel Polypropylene O Tanto Sword Cold Steel 88HNHD Cold Steel Hand and a Half Dagger Knife Martial Arts Sai Set - Black
United Cutlery Black Ronin Ninja Sword Slimline Machete Valyrian Steel Game of Thrones Catspaw Blade Valyrian Steel Night's Watch Dagger Set
United Cutlery Black Ronin Combat Tanto with Sheath Valyrian Steel Game of Thrones Oathkeeper Sword Valyrian Steel Game of Thrones Needle Sword
Cold Steel 1849 Rifleman's Knife 1085 Steel Cold Steel 1908 English Cavalry Saber
Kit Rae Universal Sword Plaque Valyrian Steel Game of Thrones Lannister's Sword
Valyrian Steel Game of Thrones Arakh Combat Commander Sword 20" Steel Blade Combat Commander Two-Handed Gladius Sword
United Cutlery Honshu Sword with Sheath Ultra Force U.S. Marine Corps Type Sword Cold Steel 88CHR Cold Steel Cup Hilt Rapier Knife
Cold Steel 88CLMD Cold Steel Colichemarde Dagger Knife Cold Steel 88CLMS Cold Steel Colichemarde Sword Cold Steel 88ITD Cold Steel Italian Dagger Knife
Cold Steel 88NOR Cold Steel Norman Sword CRKT Hisshou Trainer Military Fighting Sword Kit Rae Mithrodin Sword
Kit Rae Mithrodin Sword
Our Price: $209.99

Best but Cheap Swords from Camouflage.Ca offers the best quality swords for both personal defense as well as training purpose. These swords are specially designed to deliver the best performance for a long time. The ultra sharp blade has the ability to chop through almost anything. These combat swords are available in different designs and users can make a choice from the options in hand. These swords can also make a good gift and can be used as an attractive souvenir as well.

Features of a good sword:

  • The blade is made of top quality carbon steel and hence is able to deliver impeccable performance for a long time.
  • Best quality steel does not need much maintenance which means these swords are cost efficient.
  • Carbon steel imparts a sturdy look to the sword. The product is corrosion resistant and hence can be used in various circumstances.
  • The edges are sharp enough to slice through almost anything.

Buy Swords Online Today

Be it for personal use or to be given as a gift, these ninja swords are the ideal choice of those who want to be different from others. We offer products that include Cold Steel 92BK Bokken, Fuzzy Dude Reeds Sword Skull and Wings, United Cutlery Hobbit Glamdring Sword, Exclusive Apocalypse Twin Sword Set with Sheath Condor Tactana Sword, Ultra Force US Marine Corps Type Sword, Cold Steel Dragonfly Katana Sword, 88DK. We also offer free shipping on purchase above $99.