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Training knives are specially designed for combat training  purposes and are widely used by Special Forces and law enforcement agencies. If  you want to have such a high quality knife, then is your best  option. We offer a large number of options and users can easily make a choice  from them. The products that we offer include brands like Cold Steel, Ontario,  Benchmade and United Cutlery.

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Fake Rubber Bayonet knife
Cold Steel Leatherneck S/F Trainer
Cold Steel Gladius Trainer Rubber Training Black Bear Classic
Cold Steel 92BKS Cold Steel Medieval Training Sword (Waister) Rubber Training Peace Keeper 1
Cold Steel 92BKD Training Dagger Rubber Training Military Classic
Cold Steel Sword Breaker Trainer Cold Steel 92BKHNH Hand and a Half Training Sword Cold Steel Rubber Training Laredo Bowie
Bokken Cold Steel Rubber Recon Tanto Training Knife - 92R13RT
Cold Steel 92BKT O Tanto Bokken Ka-Bar 2-1489-9 TDI Law Enforcement Large Training Folding Knife Cold Steel 92BKL O Bokken
Ontario Bayonet Trainer Ontario FF6 Freedom Fighter Fighting Knife Joy Fury Butterfly Trainer Silver Matte Finish Knife
Ontario Bayonet Trainer
Our Price: $86.10
United Cutlery Undercover Fighter Tanto Black Training Scorpion Butterfly Knife

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High quality training knives can be an asset to its users and, so the products that we offer are made from the best materials in the market and hence are the best training knives available. These knives are perfect for combat training exercises. The comfortable handle provides excellent grip on the product and hence users can use them comfortably. The knives are made of best quality steel and hence can deliver impeccable performance for a long time.

Features of a good training knife

  • The blade is made of either top grade rubber or best quality stainless steel in order to ensure best performance.
  • The edges are not sharp enough to cut through the skin in order to prevent accidents.
  • They require less maintenance and hence are more cost efficient.
  • The unique design gives the knives a sturdy look.

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You can have the best shopping experience while dealing with us as we provide an array of products that you can choose from. The products that we offer on sale include Cold Steel Training Dagger - 92BKD, Ontario FF6 Freedom Fighter Fighting Knife, Cold Steel Rubber Training Laredo Bowie, United Cutlery Willumsen Urban Tac Blondie Camo Serrated Knife, United Cutlery Willumsen Urban Tac Blondie Silver Serrated Knife, Benchmade Griptilian Pardue Training Knife and many more. We also offer FREE shipping for orders above $99.