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Highest Rain Protection Water Repellent

The most important feature of the water-repellent  material is that it keeps you dry and clean.Camping out can often exposes you  to wet climates, rain, mists or dews, which in turn are a breeding ground for  insects. These unique leave-on water repellents that Camouflage offers through  its online store are more scientific and hazard free ways to keep you dry.

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McNett Revivex Water Repellent For Outerwear 5 Oz McNett Revivex Leather Gel Water Repellent 4 Oz McNett Revivex Nubuck Suede And Fabric Water Repellent 4 Oz

Unique and Durable Product

A true camper knows how important it is to keep water and moisture away. Moist climates often invite a lot of insects whose company are not feasible while camping. As water invites many insects and moisture can attract many unwanted insect attack, this water repellent acts as an indirect insect repellent too.

Unparallel Technology:

These highly innovative and scientific water repellents offered on our website are one of a kind. They differ from usual insect repellents in many ways as the key target of these products are to keep you dry and water away from you.

Easy and Effective:

The conventional bug repellents are smelly, flammable and hazardous. But these water repellents not only keep insects away from you, they also protect your shoes, garments and other accessories from water and moisture, thus helping them last long. Through our online store we offer four very unique varieties of water repellents:

  • Leather Gel Water Repellent: This unique gel formulation is suitable for all types of leather-wares. Just apply it over leather material and experience unparallel waterproofing; gel formula for deep penetration keeps water droplets outside.  Each bottle comes with 4 Oz capacity.

  • Water Repellent for Outwears: Just spray this water based formulation on outwears and protects them from rain and moisture. This formula dries quickly and gives you a non toxic, hard wearing, non flammable dry garment surface. Available in 5 10 fl Oz capacity.

  • Leather Spray Water Repellent: Easy spray-on concentrated formula for protecting your leatherwear. Keeps the look and quality of the leather intact.

  • Suede and Fabric Water Repellent: Works great on footwear. Suitable for leather, suede, nubuck and other fabric shoes.

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