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Throwing  Knives for Sale At Camouflage.Ca

Throwing knives are specially designed for recreational purposes and  is an interesting hobby. offers a huge array of best throwing knives to online buyers.  At our throwing knives store, you can find knives manufactured by well known  brands, such as Cold Steel, Gil Hibben, Kit Rae, United Cutlery and more. We  offer the best quality knives at a very affordable pricing.

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Perfect Point 6 Pcs Set 6.5" Arrow Throwing Knife
Perfect Point Orange Grinding Line Blade Throwing Knife-2 Piece Set Perfect Point 3 Pcs Set With Sheath Black 9" Blk Throwing Knife Perfect Point 3 Pcs Set Black Handle 8" Throwing Knife
Cold Steel 80TRB Cold Steel Pro Balance Thrower Knife Perfect Point 3pc Set 3mm Black Blade 9" Throwing Knife Wuu Jau 5.5 Inch Baby Master Arrow Two Piece Throwing Knives
Perfect Point Professional 9 Inch Throwing Knife Set Perfect Point Professional 8 Inch Throwing Knife Set
Perfect Point Throwing Knife Kit - 4.5 Inch Blade Cold Steel SC80TBP Cold Steel Sure Balance Sheath Only Gil Hibben Knife Throwing Guide
Torpedo 3mm Thick Blade Stainless Steel Throwing Knife
Gil Hibben Small Cord Grip Thrower Triple Set Knife Gil Hibben Thrower Triple Set Tanto Large Perfect Point Blue Throwing Knife Kit - 7.5 Inch
Gil Hibben Thrower Triple Set Tanto Small United Cutlery Gil Hibben Genx Pro Thrower Triple Set Large
Perfect Point Stainless Steel Satin Finish 2 Piece Throwing Knife Set 5 Pcs Throwing Knife Set With Red Tassels Gil Hibben Original Set Large Throwing Knife
Gil Hibben Small Gen 2 Thrower Triple Knife Set Gil Hibben Gen 2 Pro Throwing Knife Gil Hibben Large Competition Thrower Triple Knife Set

High-Quality Custom Throwing Knives

The knives offered at Camouflage online store are best in quality and are thus long lasting. These offer impeccable performance and greater degree of accuracy. They come in different shapes and sizes and so users can choose from a large number of options in hand. The knives we offer are a perfect blend of beauty and utility. As a result, they can serve the purpose better than anything else. Make sure you follow the safety precautions when using them.

Features of Good Throwing Knives:

  • Custom throwing knives are made of stainless steel
  • Steel knives look cool and are sturdy
  • Must not be sharp as they can injure
  • Durable and corrosion resistant
  • Light knives help in achieving accuracy
  • High-quality knives donít need extensive maintenance
  • Low maintenance makes them extremely cost efficient
  • Large number of brands and designs available

Buy Throwing Knives Canada Today!

Whether you are a throwing knives collector or it is your hobby, you will find a large variety here. All our products are available at affordable price. We have Cold Steel Pro Balance Thrower Knife, United Cutlery Lightning Bolt Thrower Triple Knife Set, Cold Steel True Flight Thrower, Condor Condor Scepter Thrower, Gil Hibben Competition Small Thrower Triple Set and many more. We offer you a safe online throwing knives buying experience. Moreover, we offer FREE shipping on orders above $99.