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  • Handle Material: Rayskin.
  • Blade Style: Sword.
  • Knife Edge: Plain edge.
  • Mechanism: Fixed blade.
  • Steel: 1045 High Carbon Steel.
  • Hand Use: Ambidextrous.

Experience the artistry of our Hand Forged Katana: a 41 1/2” masterpiece with a 1045 Carbon Steel blade. The ray skin wrapped handle ensures both elegance and grip. Complete with Saya, sword bag, and certificate, it's a fusion of tradition and craftsmanship. With its sleek, black scabbard and traditional Japanese hilt, this cosplay prop exudes an air of mystique and authenticity. The blade itself features a distinct blue hue, reminiscent of Zoro's signature technique, the "Three-Sword Style." It is perfect for fans looking to immerse themselves in the world of One Piece and bring the legendary swordsman's spirit to life in their cosplay endeavors. The Roronoa Zoro Katana Ghost Cut Ver Qiu Shui is a must-have for any devoted cosplayer seeking to pay homage to this beloved character from the anime universe.

Why choose this knife?

  • Hand forged katana.
  • 41 1/2” Overall Length.
  • 1045 Carbon Steel blade.
  • Ray Skin wrapped Handle.
  • Includes Saya, sword Bag, & Certificate.

Why not?

  • It is plain-edged.


Handle Material:Rayskin
Blade Style:Sword
Knife Edge:Plain Edge
Mechanism:Fixed Blade
Steel:1045 High Carbon Steel
Hand Use:Ambidextrous


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