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A basic metal detector consists of an electronic box and battery case on one end. Whether you look for gold metal detectors, security metal detectors or even cheap metal detectors, your detailed search through metal detectors online would never be as rewarding as it is at Camouflage. We offer metal detectors that are highly functional and serve you for a long time.

Various interesting features that you would notice

  • Some are Bounty hunter metal detectors
  • comfortable hand grips
  • In some detectors the handle system is S-rod
  • armrests are padded
  • very much user friendly
  • warranty for 5 years
  • Sensitivity controls are present
  • Some have waterproof interchangeable coil
  • High value detector is great for various kinds of applications
  • Has only 2 operating controls
  • Has automatic ground track helps to adjust mineral conditions

Unique Features of Metal Detectors at Camouflage.ca

Whether from salt wet beaches to highly mineralized sites, high value detectors can detect with ease and efficiency without making adjustments and these detectors have originally been designed keeping in mind the Olympic Games. The Camouflage.ca stocks detectors are super sensitive. They area laden with features that comply with all of your requirements!

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