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Any milsim game is incomplete in the absence of a tactical grenade. While some of them are colourful smoke bombs, there are also impact grenades and airsoft grenades that dispense BBs. As you browse through our selection, it is good to know what kind of grenade you are looking for.

Smoke Grenades for Sale

If you are looking for cool photography effects, then our slow-burning smoke grenades are the perfect option for creating awesome smoky effects. Take your pick from a variety of Enola Gaye grenades in colours like green, red, orange, and so many more. Smoke bombs can also work as an exciting way to reveal your baby's gender in gender reveal parties! We have blue and pink smoke grenades for you to choose from, and Enola Gaye Smoke Grenades are completely safe and easy to use.

Airsoft Grenades

Our collection of grenades also include BB-dispensing grenades that are a tactical tool in airsoft battles. We carry airsoft grenades that spin and dispense BBs and flashbang grenades that will distract your opponents so you can easily maneuver the field without being noticed.