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For a keychain lover who looks for key chains online, one of the most important factors is getting good quality product. In fact whether it is about buying keychains for men or keychains for women, you would definitely look for quality and variety that is being offered. You would love to see a huge collection of quality keycahins that you like and that too cheap keychains. Camouflage through its online store offers you all this and much more.

Varieties Available With

On our website, you would find various types of keychains such as Black Military Plastic Carbiner, Orange Military Plastic Carbiner, Navy Military Plastic Carbiner, neon Military Plastic Carbiner, Tan Military Plastic Carbiner, Olive Drab Military Plastic Carbiner, Back Plastic D Carbiner, Twist Lock Metal Carbiner, Ultra Force Silver Twist Lock D Carabiner and also Ultra Force Jumbo 80mm Carabiner w Key Ring. But when you are out to buy keychains, you are likely to surf the other keychains for sale too. In some of the types you would find a hollow handle of wood along with pulling cord and bead, just the way we see in the German stick grenades. In order to add the touch of authenticity, real metal arts are used in constructing such type and the head of the grenade is also stenciled.

Some interesting features of the keychains with

  • A chrome finish that is polished
  • Serial numbering
  • A pair of universal handcuff keys being present
  • Weighing 3.1 oz

With us, you can choose the products of your preference and we are ready to ship it to you in for free and in the least possible time!