First aid kit is a collection of supplies and equipment used in giving first aid in case of medical emergencies. They are essential parts of any camping kit. Minor injuries and illnesses can ruin a camping trip if you do not have a first aid kit. So it is wise to carry a few S.O.S medicines and medical accessories while camping. If you are looking for well assembled and completely medically approved camping first aid kit then check out our online store at Camouflage for the best first aid kit at reasonable prices.

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Engraved Flasks:

One can also buy flasks which are engraved with symbol or emblems such as our range on FIRE DEPARTMENT and POLICE flasks. We also have one in a camouflage design in stainless steel. Some common usages of flasks are:

  • To carry beverages for journeys or just next door.
  • A great way to keep your hot beverages hot and cool beverages cool irrespective of the outside temperatures.
  • It's also a great way to show your support or allegiance to something with the engravings done on the sides.

Thermos Flasks:

We also have a very good stock of the vacuum or thermos flasks. These specially made flasks are designed to keep heat intact of the beverage stored inside. That means they help in maintaining the temperature of the liquid stored within the container.According to test results water of 208 F when stored inside them with an external environmental temperature of about 68 F, retains a temperature of about 165 F after 6 hours and more than 148 F even after 12 hours. So this means whenever you want your coffee, tea or soups hot, you will get them as you like.

Some also come with a push button other than usual screw plug which allows you to pour the liquid without having to open the cap completely every time.Check out our range of quality cheap flasks online for some cool flasks which would not only add to your style but also add functionality.