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Digital Camo Headwrap

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This Digital Headwrap is made up of pure cotton material. It comes in solid color. It looks very stylish and fashionable. Both men and women can wear these head wraps. It is made durably for everyday usage. It is available in only one size. With its tails and ties, it can fit to the heads of almost any size and shape. These tails help you to snug the head wrap on your head for all the time regardless of what you are doing. Not only military persons wear this product, but also other people like to use these head wraps.


Material Specs: 100% Cotton
Weather: All Weather

SpecificationSubdued Urban Digital, One SizeACU Digital Camo, One SizeWoodland Digital Camo, One SizeDesert Digital Camo, One Size
Colour:Subdued Urban DigitalACU Digital CamoWoodland Digital CamoDesert Digital Camo
Size:One SizeOne SizeOne SizeOne Size

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