Gun Cases & Range Bags

Gun cases are an important accessory when it comes to protection and securely storing your firearm when not in use. Keep your gun away from dust, moisture, and keep it from being scratched and banged up during transport. Shop our selection of gun and rifle bags from brands like NcSTAR, Condor Tactical, and Raven X.


Importance of Having the Right Gun Sights

Most of the guns today come with sights that help firearm enthusiasts aim their shots accurately. Sights are an intrinsic feature of all the latest shotguns, rifles and handguns.

  • User friendly - One of the major advantages of using gun sights for pistols, red dot sight makes the job much easier as compared to the complicated procedure of iron sight line up.
  • Automatic line up of target rear and front - As compared to the metallic sights where the front and rear sight of the target have to be manually lined up. Novice shooters especially find using gun sights much easier.
  • It is possible to bring optimum precision to the shots as the target appears much closer.
  • Customized reticle focus adjustment - To get a crisp and clear sight picture, eye piece or ocular reticle focus can be adjusted based on the level of vision of the person using the rifle.

Best Quality Gun Sights from Camouflage.Ca

Make your hunting expedition pleasurable by choosing from a range of functional and high performing gun sights for sale.