Mens Black Ink U.S. Army Sniper T-Shirt

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Here’s a very interesting looking T-shirt made entirely of cotton material which is preshrunk. This one sided wear is very durable and comfortable. The background color is black, and comes with a big picture of a skull printed on the front. There is a snake on the top with its fangs open. The skull has a couple of bullets crossing through its mouth. The top and sides read ‘U.S. Army sniper’, while another slogan says ‘veni - vidi - vici’. There’s yet another line saying ‘one shot - one kill’. While the design is great, the T-shirt is excellent from the points of view of comfort and handling, as well.


Color: Black
Gender / Age: Adult
Material: Cotton
Material Specs: 100% Cotton
Weather: All Weather
Product Origin: HON
Printable: Yes



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