Surplus British Commando Sweater

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A Surplus British Commando Sweater is a distinctive and iconic military-inspired garment that draws its design from the attire worn by British commandos. Originally created for rugged outdoor use, these surplus sweaters have transcended their military roots to become popular fashion items.

Made from high-quality wool, the British Commando Sweater is known for its warmth, durability, and unique design. Characterized by its tight-knit construction, the sweater offers excellent insulation against cold weather. It typically features a high neck with a buttoned shoulder flap, which not only adds a touch of military style but also provides extra protection against the elements.

The rugged yet stylish appearance of the Surplus British Commando Sweater has made it a favored choice for individuals seeking both comfort and a distinctive look. Beyond its practicality, this sweater is appreciated for its historical significance and association with elite military units.

Whether worn as a functional outer layer for outdoor activities or as a fashionable statement piece, the Surplus British Commando Sweater combines classic design, quality materials, and a touch of military heritage.


Colour:Olive DrabBlue
Size:Chest 34Chest 36

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