Black Ronin Double Edge Boot Knife

Availability: Item is Discontinued

These boots are made for walking, and that's just what they'll do; but if your boots are packing a Black Ronin Boot Knife, you can do a whole lot more than "walk all over" your enemies! Great for self-defense, survival, tactical ops or simply everyday cutting tasks, the Black Ronin Boot Knife is a double-edged devil with a rotten attitude and menacing style. It's a single piece of cold, hard 420 stainless steel, ensuring maximum stability and nigh-infallible strength. Each edge of the sleek stonewashed spear point blade is carefully honed to razor sharp, and both converge at a bitter, sinister point with incredible penetrating power. A nod to Japan's ancient tradition of incomparably outstanding bladecraft, the handle is wrapped in faux ray skin and cord for a comfortable, no-slip grip. And you don't have to wear boots to dig the Black Ronin Boot Knife! This capable dagger is an equal opportunity savage, perfect for tackling anyone's rigorous cutting needs - even staunch sandal-wearers.


Handle Material:Cord Wrapped
Sheath Material:Nylon
Blade Style:Spear Point
Steel:420 Stainless Steel
Blade Length:4.75 inch

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