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Protect yourself and your pet against aggressive dogs with our selection of Protector Dog Spray.The sprays are manufactured with tested material, successfully getting passed in all quality tests. The spray bottles are available at highly reasonable rate with easy to use features. Spray range puts more space between yourself, your dog and an aggressive animal, allowing you to escape to safety..

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Effective Pepper Spray Gun for Life Safety

The bodyguard oc pepper spray has become a famous life saving tool for many people. It has been manufactured as per the given standard by the authorities. The spray is designed in such a manner that it causes instant inflammation to the individual upon whom it is shot. The pepper material of the spray is highly inflammatory chemical which gives a burning effect on the skin and eyes. The burst of spray results in instant closing of the eyes as well as intense burning effect. The victim has no option other than being helpless without vision. This effect is followed by difficulty in breathing and even temporary loss of eyesight.

The modern pepper spray for sale is effective enough to cause many side effects that act as lifesavers. The release mechanism of the spray is extremely intense to make a shot of at least 5 feet distant. Also, it is important to shoot the pepper spray in the eye for maximum effects. The spray bottles are available in various forms and sizes, at affordable price options. Just buy pepper spray from trusted sources to ensure good quality of the content in the bottle. Also, verify that you buy military pepper spray from a reliable store so as to get the proper brand and tested product for proven life saving results. The best pepper spray is one which has long distance burst shot and severe instant effects.