Drozd Blackbird Full Auto 600-900-1200 RPM

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Brand: Drozd

This is the Full Auto 600-900-1200 RPM version only available to our US Customers!

This is the latest edition to the Drozd BB Machine gun line - the Baikal Drozd Blackbird! This gun means business and is based on the standard Drozd but with a few extras to make this updated version even better. First off you get a motorized 400 round BB hopper (more like a 900 round hopper) and your choice of using either standard 12 gram or 88 gram CO2 cartridges. The Blackbird also has an updated stock and a higer and longer scope mount. This Russian made Full Auto BB Gun is capable of firing (in stock form) up to 600 rounds per minute and 6 round bursts. Keep in mind that modification chips for this BB shooter are easy to get and make it a 1200 round per minute true full auto shredder.

The Drozd Blackbird CO2 4.5mm BB air gun uses a very durable polymer and metal design and takes advantage of an electrically activated trigger for precise aim and consistency.


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