Empire Events SN Paintball Goggle White-Ink

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Empire Paintball has created a Special Edition version of our E-Vent goggle that looks like no other in paintball. We call this design Ink, since we essentially tattooed our current goggle to give it attitude and style. Just like a tattoo, these all-white goggles are a work of art because each one is slightly different from any other.

The Empire® E-Vents™ Goggle System is a low profile goggle system designed to present a minimum target. Made of a soft and flexible dual-density material for comfort, the streamlined design keeps you in the game by deflecting glancing paintballs.

The vents are shaped to move exhaled breath through the vents and out the side of the mask. This vent design, along with internal side baffles, prevents warm moist air from crossing the lens to prevent fogging. The soft ear design flexes to accommodate your ear position comfortably and does not compromise hearing.


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