Honshu Boshin Hellfire Wakizashi Sword

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  • Takes innovation to another level, from inventive, exclusive HellFyre Damascus forging process to unique tactical design
  • 22 1/2" HellFyre Damascus steel blade is built for real-world use and the rigors of modern combat, despite its incredible beauty
  • Seasoned swordsmiths painstakingly hand-forge every blade; like a dark snowflake, no two Boshin blades are exactly alike, each with its own unique patterning
  • Rugged TPR tsuka - clean, functional design; textured no-slip grip; ergonomic contours boost comfort, reduce fatigue
  • Offset elliptical tsuba and angled kashira with lanyard hole for tethering; both black stainless steel
  • Tough wooden saya beautifully complements sword; accented with black leather sageo
  • Overall length: 34" - ideally sized for covert operations and fast-paced combat


Handle Material:TPR
Sheath Material:Wood Scabbard
Blade Length:22.5 inch

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