Spyderco Balance Stainless Steel Plain Edge Folding Knife

Availability: Item is Discontinued

Balance is a state of equilibrium or equal distribution. In our case, it's also an Ed Schempp folder that is symmetrically identical on both ends when the folder is closed.

Odd looks aside, when held in the hand it's ergonomically proportional and a natural fit. The VG-10 blade is full-flat ground and arcs upward in a radical curve with a deep finger choil. With the index finger positioned in the choil, the cutting edge aligns with the forearm moving the blade's weight back and the center of gravity toward the cutting edge where it responds like a natural extension of the hand.

An enlarged Spyderco Round Hole is dead center on the blade when closed and off-centered when open, positioning the thumb for flowing one-hand operation, justifying the name Balance.

The handle scales are stainless steel and assembled with screws for adjustment and tightening while a four-way, left/right, tip-up/tip-down hourglass clip, clips the folder discreetly in a pocket. Symphonic fit and finish make this one as attractive as it is functional.


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