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Voodoo Tactical is a well known company for its high quality tactical gears. They manufacture mag pouches, first aid pouches, vests and weapon cases and many more. If you are looking the best tactical gears and equipments online, you are at the right place. At, we provide quality products from top brands at affordable prices.

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At there are several Voodoo Tactical gears such as mag pouches, first aid pouches, vests and weapon cases at prices range from $17 to $150. You can pick from our wide selection of tactical gears. Mag pouches can be attached to belts, universal vests and platforms. It comes with quick open tabs and metal drain grommets. It has durable elastic straps which is fully adjustable.

We have first aid pouches that are perfect to keep all your medical gears safely. This pouch features a main compartment with inner elastic loops, open top pocket for medical gear and an outside zipper pocket. Voodoo Tactical bags come in black, coyote and olive drab colors.

Voodoo Tactical has created one of the best universal vests in the world. It is specially designed to configure all the pouches and accessories on it. Voodoo Tactical Vest is completely adjustable to fit almost anyone. It comes with adjustable straps for chest, shoulder and sides. It is ideal for Law Enforcement people and persons who serve in special operations. At Camouflage we offer all these top quality products from Voodoo Tactical Vest for you to shop from the comfort of your home. Black Ice Vaat Plate Carrier Medium Large Vest is a specially designed product for the members of Customs, Law Enforcement and Immigration personnel. It is available in 3 sizes- Small, Medium and Large.

We offer weapon cases which are constructed from rugged ballistic cloth material. Voodoo Tactical gun case comes with padded divider which helps you to keep your weapons safe. These cases come with heavy duty zippers, 2 inches padded interior, adjustable shoulder support, accessory pouches and strong carry handles. Weapons cases with 6 black locks are also available with us.