22 Inch Blade Machete With Vinyl Sheath

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It will be much more practical to prune tall grass and brush with the Tramontina 22-inch machete with carbon steel blade and wood handle. It is the right choice for those who seek cutting ease, durability and robustness, because it features a heat-treated carbon steel blade and a protective layer of varnish. Its handle is wood with aluminum rivets and an ergonomic design, making it much safer and more comfortable to wield. Make your work easier. Choose Tramontina machetes!

technical specifications:

  • Carbon steel blade with special heat treatment that gives it greater hardness, cutting edge durability and cutting power.
  • A varnish layer is applied to the blade as a coating to protect the blade during transportation, storage and first use.
  • Wood handle with rivets to ensure greater safety, perfect ergonomics and comfort in handling.
    Aluminum rivets.


Size:18 Inch22 Inch

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