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Choosing the Right Stun Gun Flashlight Model

Flashlights come with either the constant on/off or momentary on/off feature. This feature is very important because it acts as a powerful bullet magnet, the bright light will give away your position. It must therefore be used strategically.

Constant on/off feature will be useful in situations where one hand cannot be used because it is holding on to something or because it is injured. An option could be the remote pressure switches available in some models.

Depending on the specific use, you must also carefully weigh options and choose between the subdued and bright light options. offers high quality tactical small gun flashlight. This light is ideally used on smaller pistols and is one of the powerful tactical flashlights.

Most defensive pistols do come with built in tactical gun lights. However if you need to buy a flashlight for your gun you need to pay attention to the quality and durability factor. At Camouflage, we offer you gun flashlight from the top brands ensuring that you buy the best.

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