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Spring Powered Pistol

A spring powered pistol uses elastic potential energy stored in a compressed coil spring that gets releases upon the pull of a trigger that blows out the pellets. Spring powered guns are inexpensive and are best suited for cold weather and are more reliable than gas-powered pistols and even the batteries on automatic electric pistols (AEPs). Spring pistols have a muzzle velocity of 400-700 ft/s.

Battery Powered pistol

Electric airsoft pistol uses a portable rechargeble battery and a spring loaded piston similar to spring pistols. They are the most commonly available and used airsoft pistols. They are popularly known as Automatic Electric Guns or AEGs and have a muzzle velocity of 150 to 650 ft/s.

Gas Powered Pistols

Gas powered airsoft pistol uses pneumatic potential energy stored within compressed gas that works the shooting mechanism. They operate completely different than a spting pistol and electric pistol as it uses an internal canister that releases the pellet upon a triggrt pull. The most popular type of gas pistol is the Gas Blowback (GBB). The pistols are powered by regulated CO2 canisters or nitrogen/high pressure air bottles to increase power and consistency.

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