Tactical Boots

Get military-grade tactical boots at Camouflage! Browse our extensive collection of premium tactical boots from elite manufacturers like 5.11, Propper, Condor, Reebok, and Magnum. Choose the features that suit your needs, like side-zipper access, steel toe, waterproof leather, antibacterial lining, and more! Many of our boots are CSA certified, to ensure quality and safety. From active duty military and police personnel to hikers and construction workers, we’ve got the right tactical boots for you.

Tactical Boots
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Types of Tactical Footwear

Tactical Boots

Camouflage has the best seleciton of tactical boots and tactical shoes in Canada. Our all-purpose duty boots and are ideal for everything from military application to hiking and everyday wear. Constructed from high-quality leather or ballistic nylon, they’re waterproof, shock-resistant, and offer total foot protection. Available in matte black and desert tan for multiple camouflage options. Checkout 5.11, Magnum, and Reebok tactical boots for next level comfort and protection. At Camouflage you’ll find SWAT boots, army boots, hiking boots, and more at discount prices!

Combat Boots

At Camouflage we carry both men and women’s combat boots. These military boots are made to the same high standards as those worn by members of the Canadian Army. Vulcanized rubber soles provide traction and comfort. Full leather uppers ensure total foot and ankle protection. Lace up and prepare for duty with black or desert combat boots to match your surroundings!

Work Boots

Protect your feet on the job site with our amazing work boots and safety boots! Available in composite toe or full steel toe, our boots are CSA certified and guaranteed to keep your toes safe. Lightweight EVA insoles keep your feet comfortable all day long. Rubber outsoles and heel brakes prevent slipping and enhance speed and traction.